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This was doing the rounds in early 1928, so antedating by five years the Marx Brothers film of the same title.

De Beck had something of a reputation for coining words and has also been credited with creating, among others, heebie-jeebies, .

This represents a step toward establishing a single Trans-Tasman patent system.

Of particular relevance to patent applicants, the changes will significantly raise the threshold for obtaining patent protection in New Zealand.

(which will replace the current 1953 Act) will introduce some significant changes to the New Zealand patent law and practice.

Broadly, the new provisions will bring New Zealand patent law closely in line with Australian patent law (as amended by the 'Raising the Bar' Act of 2012).

This will be replaced by the more stringent ‘balance of probabilities’ test.

They are abettors of the ill-doers." Thoreau could have as readily asked, "Who are good neighbors?

"They who suffer their neighbors' cattle to go at large because they don't want their ill will,—are afraid to anger them.

He told the story in the foreword of having come across it when having his house repaired by an aged master carpenter.

On seeking further information from — of all bodies — the National Board of Fire Underwriters, he obtained the following comments: It refers, as indicated in your letter, to the tapered boards laid on wood shingle roofs to provide a flat surface for asphalt shingles to be laid on in re-roofing.

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