Courteney cox matthew perry dating

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Unfortunately, it seems these reports are not accurate.

According to one source, the relationship rumors are simply false. Related: Courteney & Johnny's Breakup Details HERE We aren't the only ones devastated to learn this recent update as many fans were hoping that Monica and Chandler were together IRL!

The fans were even speculating that the couple might come on the ''NBC Friends re-union'' and confirm the dating rumors.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Harry and Pippa–level details about their rendezvous, but we will indulge in the fantasy, regardless, and just project our own:invite Jennifer Aniston to their wedding because she didn't invite Matthew to hers and Justin Theroux's this past summer?

In particular, people have been sharing this tweet: The photo of Cox and Perry actually dates back to 2005, when Cox was married to David Arquette – hence the rather sizeable wedding ring on her finger.

The couple separated and then amicably divorced in 2013.

However since there is no official confirmation from the actors, it is possible that they are just good friends.

So is Cox planning to go back to her ex-husband David Arquette?

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