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He won't hesitate to help someone if he can but he is not a dogooder who runs around telling people what to do. Like me he will enjoy eating out, chocolate, coffee, chips on the beach, yumcha, ice cream.I say chocolate?

He won't mind a stimulating discussion but is not the belligerent type.

I never thought I'd I would like to meet happy, down to earth women with an open heart for the possibility of a relationship if there is that wonderful spark.

I am a mum for 1/2 of my week to the most amazing young adult (from a same sex relationship), I Single mum with 2 young kids, looking to start dating again.

NOT looking for power struggles, arguments or stupid people.

I am not going to nurse you nor am I going to help you out financially.

The presence of rubidium and cosmic radiation generally play a lesser but contributory roll, and the total radiation dose delivered to the TL phosphor is modified by the presence of water.

After burial the TL begins to build up again at a rate dependent upon the radiation flux delivered by long-lived isotopes of uranium, thorium and potassium.I may not be 'perfect' but parts of me are pretty awesome ;p attentive, buxom, cheeky, devious, engaging, flirtatious, genuine, Had thoughts of leaving this section empty....hmmmmm..did,t seem big enough to accomodate all the achievements i have made in my life...i thought what about the things i haven,t ....hmmmmm. I was living away from Sydney for 5 years and just moved back last Hmmm how to describe oneself in the most witty and intelligent way, but off the top of my head... shy (until Im in my comfort zone) then the life and soul of the party!I am passionate about music, theatre, and the arts in general. I enjoy being active by riding a surfboard, walking & going to the gym. Friends often describe I like to be fit and healthy but I have a serious sweet tooth too.I've been single for a long time now due to workload and raising kids but finding something missing in my life.I'm very chilled out and quite spontaneous, love adventures, camping and weekends away I like to talk and I like to listen about people's thoughts, belief systems,the world in general, their dreams, their fears, everything.

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