Delphi insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing

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Allows moving into that lane without changing bound value ◾One lane can now be marked as default.Elements not matching any lane will be displayed here until assigned elsewhere•Kanban profile added: ◦Element Types - Change, Defect, Feature and User Story ◾Diagram Types - Basic, Backlog, Iteration and Complete◾Model Patterns - Three stage process model available from Model Wizard dialog◾New diagrams and model patterns can be created from the Ribbon (Construct | Kanban)•New tagged value type allows Kanban style progress bars to be displayed on any element that can normally display tagged values Project Management Checklists •Checklist functionality expanded to allow them to be used as a Project Management tool•Audited Checklists: ◦New Artifact type added◦Adds capability for tracking and accountability to checklists ◾Tracks date, time and user for adding, renaming and state changes for items◾Context menu provides option for viewing the changes that have occured (View audit log)◾Audit List provides csv export of changes•Checklist dependencies: ◦Dependency connectors can now be added between checklists to specify ordering ◾Dependency target becomes a prerequisite, and the dependency source becomes dependent◾All items on a prerequisite checklist must be completed before any items on the dependent checklist can be completed•Clear all checked items for multiple selected checklists on a diagram to restart a process Modelica Simulation •Simulate and graph Sys ML parametric models•Describe and annotate an existing Sys ML model with a modelica configuration artifact: ◦Define the mapping for each element into modelica ◾Specify default values◾Define multiple test models and vary the parameters of each model◾Specify the parameters to graph when the simulation is run•Generate Modelica code from your Sys ML blocks and constraint blocks: ◦Maps blocks to reuseable code ◾Generates the linkages between blocks◾Customizable using code templates•Integrates with Modelica or Open Modelica: ◦Specify an application path ◾Compile the generated code◾Run the compiled code◾Display a graph of the results BPSim support extended •XPath expression support added: ◦Allows expressions to be specified in generated BPSim without extension ◾Toggle between XPath and Java (existing) expressions in the Simulation properties•Multiple expressions now supported on a single task•Fixed Costs and Unit Costs defined for Activity, Process and Resource elements now calculated•Unit cost reporting added for Task elements•Property parameter types can now be set to Int, Double or String•Java Runtime Environment (JRE) path used when running a simulation now configurable ◦MDG_BPSIM_JRE_HOME environment variable provides override for system settings ◾If not set, path is retrieved from default Java version in registry (32 bit or 64 bit)•Java Development Kit (JDK) path used when running a simulation with Java expressions now configurable◦MDG_BPSIM_JDK_HOME environment variable provides override for system settings ◾If not set, path is retrieved from default Java version in registry (32 bit or 64 bit)Diagram Filtering •Element Tagged Value filters now supported: ◦Create new Tag Value diagram filter ◾Specify the desired tagged value name and value◾Elements with a tag matching the specified filters will be enabled•Grouping of diagram filters now available: ◦Create new filters under a group ◾Group checkbox allows easy toggling of all child filters•Relationship filtering supports the Hide filter effect Wine Compatibility improved •Many dialogs updated to prevent cut off text•Default fonts used for diagrams, note editors and list views updated: ◦Carlito font recommended for best size matching for model shared between Linux and Windows•Navigation Find window no longer has cut off string•Diagram Drawing improvements: ◦Vertical and Horizontal connectors◦Shape scripts drawing Rounded Rect◦Requirement elements no longer draw double lines◦Note elements will no longer draw with a white background behind text•Document Generation using metafile diagram images will automatically fallback to bitmaps on known Wine metafile issues•Printing linked documents including a metafile drawing rounded rects will no longer invert the corners•PHP debugger now available under Linux Zero Configuration Client Support •Enterprise Architect can now be used on client machines without requiring installation•Ease deployment in a corporate environment by running from a read-only shared folder•New configuration file added to specify settings for all users running from a location: ◦file will be read if it exists in the same directory as ea.exe◦To add settings, copy value lines from a registry export of defined EA options ◾Recommended to specify JET 4 support using the line - "JET4"=dword:00000001◾Specify a keystore and the keys to checkout using the values SKT, Shared Key Folder, SSKSAddress, SSKSPassword and Auto Checkout Ex•Use the cloud service to deploy shared models without requiring additional database drivers etc.•Note.They all dealt with information technology in the online digital environment.As we begin our exploration of online risk and security, it is useful to make sure we are on the same page.Daniel Wischnewski – Basically, this is a note to myself, but it may help you anyway. Creating a little more complex query today, I got the error message "Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing" when trying to apply changes to the data set.

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Risk management The identification, analysis, assessment, control, and avoidance, minimization, or elimination of unacceptable risks.If you are currently developing database applications that use the VCL you will not doubt be familiar with some of these techniques.Therefore, the explicit goal of this paper is to provide you with a list of techniques that should be familiar to all active VCL database developers, assuring your awareness of these operations.Defining the lexicon of the landscape allows us to define risk management and security in the context of the digital environment and determine whether they are different because of this new context or because they have they just been expanded.Therefore, we begin with standard definitions of risk management, risk, security, and threat.

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