Picasa keeps updating thumbnails

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This seen that if you right click the thumbnail and refresh the thumbnail, then right click on the image that you want an click to set as google thumbnail, and then right click on the image that you want to and click set as people album thumbnail.

Except for the times when you make an edit, like a rotation or something, and it's not showing up, you could click on the image (not the folder) and it would refresh just that thumbnail.

The Database is where Picasa keeps an index of all the pictures along with all information and thumbnails on all the folders and pictures being managed by Picasa.

Rebuilding the database is the process of purging the database of incorrect or damaged information and then rebuilding the information. and depends a lot on the situation, but an hour per 10.000 pictures for finding the pictures AND doing the face recognition should suffice.

I want to update the thumbnail of my video in picasa web albums using the API.

I've got the Photos PHP sample code for the Photos data API running.

Or you could click the folder and it would refresh a bunch of thumbnail edits all at once?

Except it doesn't refresh thumbnails that are only out of sequence. I could search the forum for my answer, but it's easier just to ask.

As the popularity of the service grows — over 100 million people use it now — the relevance of another fades: Google announced today that it’s shutting down Picasa to focus solely on Google Photos.

The Picasa2 and Picasa2Albums folders are "New" database that was generated by the rebuild procedure..

You will see a welcome page asking you if you want to scan everything or only My Pictures. You will see another page asking you about Photo Viewer.

:) Maybe the Picasa Help Center should have some info about "Refresh Thumbnails"...... The thumbnails are cached when the image is cataloged by Picasa...

and those cached mini versions stay until you make a change to the image or the like at which time a new thumbnail is recreated.

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