Play count not updating iphone 4

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But you can save play count to your music files as well and keep them auto-updated. Click on "Preview" and then "Apply" if everything looks OK. Tick the box in front of the preset name to make the preset auto-applied to all tracks in your library.

You first need install Additional Tagging Tools plugin and enable it. Go to Edit custom tags Choose a custom tag, rename it "P_count" or something, and select a frame the new field will use with the drop-down menu (If you do not change the custom tag setting from "Save to Music Bee database only" to something else, there's no point of doing this). Now whenever a play count of a track changes, "P_count" tag value of the file will get auto-updated.

Media Monkey will also sync tag changes and Play Counts back to Media Monkey when using Auto-Sync.

If you have an i OS device like an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch you'll need to have i Tunes installed. An alternative to i Tunes is Copy Trans Drivers which will only install the required i Tunes components for syncing, however this isn't officially supported by Apple or Media Monkey.

I thought might be happening, but just confirmed it.

Rated a song on the i Pod - connected to i Tunes to update and the rating is gone.

I read the thread about checking the personalize your zune ...... after 4.7 update it was updating the play count but now all of sudden it has stopped...

Adjusting the number of plays yourself can resolve any such discrepancies.Note: the following trick will only work in Windows.1.Begin by downloading the archive containing the script, and extract it to a position you find convenient.You can also copy play count values saved in your music files to that field of MB database.With this, you could update play count values of a new library using the values saved in your music files.

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