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I guess there is no real education about HIV in the straight world and I thought I was invincible; I refused to accept that I could catch HIV.I cancelled my first clinic appointment, as I just wasn’t ready to face up to it, and spent a few weeks trying to google how to cure HIV.I notice that my OH seems to 'offload' so much..within minutes after he's come, I'm gushing! I read somwhere last night that there are over 300 million swimmers in each ejaculation. [smilie=049.gif] I'm glad you asked that question Katherine.I usually wait ten mins or so lying down...sometimes with pillow under my bum, but by then it's all too much and I need to clean myself up. I'm the same, don't seem to be able to hold it all in and as soon as he withdraws tmi it all comes out!! My first few months after diagnosis all went by in a bit of a blur, so I don’t have too much detail of the early days.

It was ten more years before I learned he had been active.If you were going to throw me in the mud and steal my bike — and, sadly, this was the kind of thing that happened to me on a regular basis between the years 19 — I’d be damned you’d do it without me calling you a cretinous troglodyte as you rodeaway.But that summer I went to a special program for gifted public-high-school kids and met David, the first straight male soul mate I ever had.I tried all kinds of crazy stuff, that deep down I knew wasn’t going to help, drinking Aloe Vera, making bizarre concoctions with lemon juice, honey, vinegar and garlic (yes it really was as disgusting as it sounds). When I eventually turned up for my very first appointment; I was pale and shaking.The five minute walk from the train station had taken me close to an hour, as I kept stopping, wanting to turn around and run.

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